Following a Trail of Spiritual Experience, Led me today to: Pursuing Happiness

Yesterday I was engaged in a sharing about how spirit, spirituality and its connection with religion and permanent states is misunderstood and then becomes a barrier. Today, following the same thought, upon awakening three posts simply appeared in the normal state of my morning reading, that contained the same concept but added the word Happiness–for which I do not think exists and is a created word, to add onto what came yesterday to build on being able to feel what I would term In Union. Community, belonging. I really enjoyed the shorter segment of interview from On Being, posted elsewhere and thus decided to view the entire interview on film, rather than simply listening to a shorter part. I hope it gives you something that your fire requires.

Pursuing Happiness with the Dalai Lama from On Being on Vimeo.


About Elisa

I love reading, writing, poetry, photography and cooking and and and...!!! "It gives me strength, almost unbelievable strength, to know that you are there. I covet your eyes, your ears, the collapsible space between us. How blessed are we to have each other? I am alive and you are alive and so we must fill the air with our words." - Dave Eggers
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6 Responses to Following a Trail of Spiritual Experience, Led me today to: Pursuing Happiness

  1. Kathy says:

    Elisa, you don’t think happiness exists? You think it’s a created word? Please share more about that.

    • Elisa says:

      As I was considering a way to share, one was handed to me while I was reading before sleep. Singapore

      • Kathy says:

        What a beautiful poem. Is it not that you think happiness exists–but that you don’t think it should be a “should”?

      • Elisa says:

        in some ways i could explain it by using the words MORE bigger better improved…words or concepts that connote better than, so that what we really do is examine and believe that what we have is not enough

        happy is used to say…something other than, it is not specific as it does not exist

        it is a word created to cause comparison of have and have not , as if we have lost a thing and have to recover it, I suppose there is an implied should in this part

        happy is used as a state of the human when there is no concrete idea of what it is, because there is no it!

      • Elisa says:

        It feels, at the moment difficult for me to put into exact words. Happy is an if-only state. The pursuit of it can be very unhealthy. You know that Pit that people have? I think the concept of happy is what is offered as to what is missing. this is not true.

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