Despair Gives Way to Joy

“Despair gives way to Joy…Thy Joy has made me glad.”

Reading for December 6, 2012, Science of Mind 537 M3 (of M2 & 3)

“….Despair gives way to joy at the thought of Thee, Indwelling
I cannot be sad when I think of Thee.
My sorrow is turned to gladness and my shame to rejoicing.
My tears are wiped away and the sunlight of the Spirit shines
through the clouds of depression and lights the way to
–middle quote kept for the day for thought and expression

I did the morning practice in the mid afternoon today. I felt, a twisting about the having to do it. Not guilt, yet, Not shame, yet. I just have to give up one joy for this joy and sometimes, I get the point or I lose it, or both all at once. So, I was doing the practice and the Solar Question for today has to do with neglecting sources of soul nurture. Before I began to write or to read either of today’s Daily Practice, I noticed that friend Kathy had put up a new blog post. Reading these posts, and many others, is often food for my soul–if I am also direct, they can, too, be a way of hiding and procrastinating in doing the other things in life that I might like a bit less.

Here is the link to friend Kathy’s post: The holiness of Santa, Merlot and angel pink spoonbill wings. You will know what it is about after you read it, if you choose to do so. In short, everything is holy. The video at the end, had me in a special private place, that I think that I long to express publicly but cannot or do not or both. That made it an extra special twofer type use of my time and my noticing.

After all of the things that she shared about her thoughts and actions and learnings, there were comments. One of them still has me thinking, maybe not in my best way, however I can see how the commenter feels, and I have been in the commenter’s place. And, much like the writer of things to say to those who are grieving, I rather wished to nod in identification but then LIFT the person beyond where they are and SHOW them, MAKE them see the way that gets them to the beyond. HA roflmao!! 😀

Then I came here and this was the Science of Mind reading for today.
I think that again, that is a gift in being able to see the holy, the thing that sparks that roaring flare of the inner flame. I wish that I could share this noticing with everyone, especially those who might think they do not have a choice, or who, due to life, forget that they have a choice. Everything can be a rejoicing in the Joy of everything that is Holy. (ask me if I feel that way in the morning when I take the car to the shop again in the morning) 🙂


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