6th of January

Solar Question of the Day from Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
6th of January
Are you neglecting sources of soul-nurture?

I have been drifting in and out of recalling to even think about this question today. I could not, bad choice of words there, find an answer. It did not nurture my soul to create discord in the flow of what I was doing, to force the matter. I just had to stop typing again to attend to the fresh chicken noodle soup and hot tea for supper on an evening with below zero already wind chills and daughter taking bus home from work, standing out in it. It was important to me and thus to my spirit to nurture my food and to savor what it means. To fill it with intent to provide comfort and regeneration to body and in turn spirit and energies. Taking time from these activities to try and write about them does the contrary of the original exercise. I think that I view the entire thing as gratitude. I think that I probably see all sources of soul nurture in the moment that I experience the moment of nurture and in that moment of noticing them I am full and I am glad. I have experienced soul nurture when I am grateful. The other topic, which I addressed before about ritual, rote motions, and ones that carry meaning through the actions, mind and body separate and combined is more about rituals and things. I am never quite sure if these things are nurture or remain nurture or if they have become meaningless habit. I bump into the joy of verity and efficacy upon picking them back up I suppose.


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