2nd December

Solar Question of the Day from Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
2nd of December
Do you appreciate the other side of the argument?

2012: I’m actually typing in my response on December 5th. I think that I do. If you asked others, they might think that I didn’t, based on me not changing over to the expected response. Sometimes I think that I appreciate, too much, other people’s thoughts and motivations. It takes up a LOT of my time and I can rip me to shreds, trying to see if I need to learn a new think, or ferret out a defect in my character somehow.

I think, to allow me to be me, I have to allow others to be them, which means hearing what they say so that I can understand what they think, and what they choose to do. This sort of appreciation has nothing to do with agreeing or not-agreeing. Sometimes, I like discourse and engagement over a topic or a thing, and said discourse might resemble an argument, if it contains passion.

I have as yet, failed at communicating what walking alongside is to me. Parallel conversations and thoughts, sometimes connected, other times not.

So, for me the answer is yes. Do I bother to appreciate every single one? NO! I still do not know if this is a statement that means I need to work on me, or not. Either way, I remain, a work in progress.


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