29th December

Solar Question of the Day from Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
29th of December
Which fear is keeping you in prison?

2013: I don’t believe in this question. The question itself breeds fear, even where none exists! It also promotes the idea that fear creates a WORSE thing such as a prison. It follows along with the creation of obstacles or wrongnesses by advertising, to create a niche of something to sell to fix what they sold you was wrong in the first place (it doesn’t matter what actually did or did not exist prior to the question then).

I truly believe, no matter what my mind nor life on life’s terms appears to dictate, that there are no prisons and no trappings. My brain can feeeeel trapped if it chooses badly. My brain can feeeeeeeel as if it has exhausted all avenues of creative expression the I AM. Sometimes those feelings can be sooo loud and large that the body and the mind are tricked into feeling drowned and heavy and so on. I have been sitting within them. There are directions that I think that I want to go. Things that I’d like to shove to get control to feel removed of the things. I hesitate to speak incorrectly–Karma is a very funny teacher. There is always a way. Please might this concept and my words not be like using the word patience–YIKES!! lol but not.


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