Sorrow Flees from Me

“Sorrow Flees from Me…I am made glad evermore.”

Reading for November 28, Science of Mind 535 M3

“As the Great Joy of Life comes into my Soul, flooding me with Its wondrous light, all sorrow and sadness flee from me.
I shall not grieve, for nothing is lost nor gone from me.
My own cannot be kept from me.
My own knows me and will follow me wherever I go.
I am filled with the Joy of living and the Great Peace that comes
to all who believe.”
–middle quote kept for the day for thought and expression

Hmm. I’m not afraid of grief nor of sorrow. I don’t want this book to rewire my brain into randomly following along with this concept as if what is completely and utterly NORMAL in life is something to be in denial about, something to give myself self talk that goes against what I know, and maybe what others know.

The words themselves though…my own cannot be kept from me, unless I turn away from being able to notice it. And even greater than this, what am I, and who am I to consider that what God has created, that I may own. Though there are things that I want and desire in this life, even beyond the logic of knowing that everything and every moment is just something alongside of who I am.

I can read the words as a way to convert or to purge energy. If I read it in this manner, I see receiving and grounding, the knowing of the center of self that never moves. The inner flame. The my own. There is a peace in this and not a lack of peace if I don’t know this or what it is. There is no….not. I can grow that and share it out in giving, to myself, to nature or to others, as I wish. That feeling is a bubbling over of joy. As for the believing, I think it exists without my belief, it is not required of me, because It is.


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