This page is a placeholder for all of the individual daily posts in this April Category. I didn’t want to leave a blank page and cause confusion, so I decided to list all of the questions here. You can view my own responses, if you wish, by hovering over Daily Practice, then Solar Questions for Imbolc, then April on the main page and then select the date you wish to view. If anyone reading has a more clear and concise way to explain how to do it, I’m open to suggestions 😀

Solar Question of the Day from Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
1rst of April
What is being initiated in your life at this time?
2nd of April
How do you practice ecological awareness?
3rd of April
What knowledge are you seeking?
4th of April
What news do you wait to hear? What changes will it bring?
5th of April
Is your envy of others obstructing your achievement?
6th of April
What messages are others trying to tell you?
7th of April
Where is love manifest in your life?
8th of April
What boundaries do you need to pass through?
9th of April
What have you been struggling with and how does it challenge you?
10th of April
How is beauty seeking to express itself in your life?


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