2nd February

Solar Question of the Day from Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
2nd of February
How do you practice ecological awareness?

2014: What do you mean practice? What do you mean ecological? What do you mean by awareness?
Is noticing elementals the answer? Is digging in the dirt to create life? I believe that very many do-gooders think that they know best what should be done to fix and to continue an obsession to heal. In order to feed the obsession, there needs then to be created in some fashion, a thing that is broken, sick, or in need of being fixed. I wonder how much discourse this really creates? History shows that all through time people keep demanding change, that something must happen or else…

If we cannot notice that our every move subjugates something else with a rationale that we are bettering it, how are we showing wisdom and knowledge gained? I think i was to jump upon a bandwagon trumpeting the need for change. I think that is feel good language which has no effect other than to fluff out heads and minds with a distracting idea, one that originates from the god of consumption/consumerism. I sit and I look at it and I wonder.


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