26th November

Solar Question of the Day from Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
26th of November:
What would give your loved ones most pleasure?

First response, a continuation of ripping out space that belongs to me–Who Cares!!

And then I remember looking at Rosemary’s Blog this morning and while upset that it requires work I really wish that I could solve the neurologic puzzle and mental health differences that do not allow those here to note and to appreciate and to go along with normal bonding family things. This is really true, not just from my own current rantings of sorts. It is a given that at present my wish to Martha Stewart is rampant and how dare no one allow me a small bit of what I desire after all of this time. How dare no one not notice what I have had to go without–an entire world of normal for me. Anger when I want to be soft and so on and ranting so forth. I think I went left…back to center! Rosemary had a lot of links for things that my family seems to function best at and to be able to be calm and if not speak kindly and smile, to at least be silent and focused. They truly seem to enjoy it. Much of my frustration, I think, comes from that I do care very much about what would give them pleasure. I want them to feel it, so that they have a target for which to aim when they get themselves out of whack. I want them to have experience to know that there is a choice, rather than the executive function differences dictating only one way and one view. I know it works, I’ve done it.

So, fine, I care! stamps foot!

oh, ps. the list often changes and there is a low ability to motivate to do or try again or something else, sigh

ha, maybe that part is rubbing off on me, hey i’ve been good for 21 years! Is there a me detailing shop, like what one does for their cars?


1 Response to 26th November

  1. Elisa's Spot says:

    Tonight’s Lunar Meditation is: The unconquerable nature of the soul.

    I am glad for this. It is the conquering…before the rising back up anew.

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