Experience is Spiritual

I feel almost spiritual just by being here, which, from someone who’s not too spiritual, is saying something.–Connor Franta

What does it mean to be spiritual? What reactions am I feeling as I write the question? What do I shut down? hesitate over? fear expressing?

The simultaneous jumps of jubilation coming from my spirit answer a profound YES! The ability to experience such joy, to express it in any way comes from my Creator, a gift. For me, a ringing of energetic tone match, a clicking into place, one might mistake it for relief at first, believe it comes after a resolution of a thing. What I can forget is that when I am focused on My Own resolution of a thing, I am choosing to pay most attention to that thing, probably a thing I do not much care for, the if only, do this and I will get to do that thing I really want kind of motion of my mind.

Laughing now and noticing that everything IS experience, even that stuff I label bad or just to get through. If I consider experience to be spiritual –mostly considering the ‘in union’ moments. then might i also consider that EVERY moment, EVERY experience IS spiritual, all of it, all of them. I am laughing to myself in freedom and scowling all at once as the But-butters begin to go at it in my head. Let me offer them some tea.

I believe I classify in-union moments and moments that I recognize as moments of conscious contact as spiritual, leaving the what I call mundane out. Well! This is SO not the direction I wanted to go with this when I bookmarked the passage in the book. For context the author was speaking of being disconnected from what I call gerbil mind, complete with phone, text, go go go always plugged in yet disconnected with and from human life and spiritual contact. A view of a sunset.

Hmm. I DO appear to believe that spirituality and the noticing of it does only occur during certain times and under certain conditions. Is this really a universal truth? or maybe just some idea I am attached to and that I can change as I wish?!

I think that I believe that I also had a ping of agreeing that the ABILITY to experience is a spiritual gift. It is also a gift that I get to choose where to focus, how to focus, how I perceive, how I notice that perception and anything I choose to do about it, the action and the reaction. I can also choose to do what is being called mindful. I can allow my mind to fill simply with experience and I can watch it. To me that translates to simple experience. And no, I do not think that an animal’s or a plant’s experience is any less than my own. What I see is NOT a measure of the spiritual experience of another. The value of it, the spiritual materialism that some need. I know that I can do it, however, inside it chimes true that all is a spark of god, a reproduction in miniature below of the above. Can I hear it? Can I notice it? I am not sure if there is a moreness or a measure of enoughness in those questions. Is experience the same as awareness? Is there any benefit of one over the other besides what my human bits wish to ascribe to them?

I’m laughing now as I drink the first sips of morning tea. The sip the flow of flavor across my tongue light the fire of everything within me. The figuring it out extinguishes and I notice I am LIVING!

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Your Elusive Creative Genius

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Sensibility of A Rock

Nobuo Sekine Interview: Sensibility of a Rock from Louisiana Channel on Vimeo.

Thanks to Writing Without Paper!

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Thanks to Writing Without Paper for bringing this to my attention!

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Guidance from the Fairies Day 4

Straight to it this morning…
Three Cards Down, Two are blocks

Kick Up Your Heelsblock(R)
Your soul longs to celebrate and have fun. The fairies urge you to call your friends for a get together or an evening out.

Sometimes we procrastinate as other things are more important. Yet benefits of celebrating are many: getting a fresh perspective and new ideas, rekindling old relationships, and the sheer joy of entertaining self.


Laughter Laughter will help you see your life from a new perspective. So that you can receive creative thoughts and solutions.
You are much too serious about life. Laughter helps us to stand back and see ourselves and our situations more objectively. Laughing equals relaxing. When we relax, creative solutions and renewed energy course through us more easily.


Financial Flow(R)(block) Ask the fairies to help you to adjust your thoughts and emotions so you can graciously and willingly accept all of the gifts you so richly deserve.



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Guidance from the Fairies Day 3

Ok. So I am not sticking to doing this daily. My inner fret about not doing it ‘properly’ I am calling it, continues to blast at me. I have had a child inpatiented, another one having a college crisis, and the I was rear-ended which caused a return of neck back and brain issues. And yet, on top of navigating these issues, which to me are feeling like constant crisis. I am choosing to bash me for not being enough to simply take care of me.

OH. Is that all? Perhaps I might have written that down sooner. It doesn’t look as bad in written words, as it is looking while in my head.

So. I might keep the day thing up top. I may not. I’m doing it to keep the post titles now from having a fit.

And now look at me explaining myself to the imaginary YOU, gosh I hate that and now I am doing it. I’m the only one that cares, how hilarious!

I was also urged when I read the cards for today to want to play and to create and then music presented itself so I stopped posting this and I worked out a Morning Trip.

Now, Onward to the cards for today

Three cards down, two are blocks.

Romantic Partner A new romance is coming your way! Either a new person or a revival of passion in an existing relationship, will delight you now and in the future. Well Yah! I am seeking grounding all night in my sleep with someone gone now that used to be a teacher and intimate friend. Never know when I go there if I am going there or just in my head. In the end it signifies things for me. Time to relax, to watch getting or seeking from others, acting out on my defects of character. Sometimes it is to get that need right sized and in a form so that I can express a desire I have been sitting upon. And then blaming everything and everything because I am not getting nor feeling what I want–and then I notice a great chance to shout what I want and I find I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THAT REALLY IS! Betting this is why the dream last night before getting the blocked card this morning.

“They remind you romance is a state of mind and it involves playfulness and creativity sometimes when we’re stressed we crave romance the most, and yet we may not know how to experience romance.” MMMm hmmmm sigh.


Look Inside Yourself Trying to find satisfaction through outside sources: possessions, relationships. Look within.
Trap! I’ll be happy if and when…..(fill in blank) DOH! I did some of these readings that I have not posted and I keep getting this card. It kinda makes me go UGH and oh thank you HP all at the same time.


Self-reliance Block card.
Filter out negativity that may sway you from listening to your own inner voice. (yep and some of this is coming from my looking to those outside sources for YEARS–now which is my own defect and which makes it toxic, choices! choices!)

And I have NOT been. I fear making a mistake. Insides screaming yes yes freedom of expression! Get it all out there, get those first two cards that’ll fix it lol. I do NOT trust that feeling that comes when not grounded that I’ve got to blow things up. I never feel confident knowing if there is something to be salvaged or to hold onto so to speak or to know when it is again time to acknowledge trying to get water from a dry well.

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Guidance from the Fairies Day 1

Opened the window to robin tweets and crow caws, rain running down the drain spout, tires shusshing on the road. Tried a bunch of things to avoid a beginning here. Clenched down very hard and angry feeling on it. Sighed and thought well just for Today I could do it. And So, Smudged and greeted the day.

I sent out a silent thought that I missed feeling the energy in my hands from the last time I did this task and how it would not be the same without it and that is my big ‘why’ that I haven’t kept it up. Rationalization or truth, I do not yet know. Not of free joy like before no. I note that I am not still. Not grounded and the mind attempts to wrest another refusal to do this committment as what good is it at all if I am ungrounded.

Stopped and shifted my sight, and I got that moment and flash of answering energy before inner chatter wiped it from what I perceive as my ability. Smiled and laughed and thanked them for exposing this lie and yet, giving me a target an aim for that feeling. I sit in partial site for a moment to play with my bearings.

Time to shuffle and to draw. Again the chatter in the head how many to do EVERY DAY FOR 90 DAYS, maybe I’d only do one NO three. Arguing in my head. Shifted back into sight and it didn’t matter anymore and no harm for the hands to do whatever number occurred each time. No need for certain this or certain that. Those limits only belong to me and I can keep them even until I make me insane.

Three cards down. All signify blocks. Giggling at that, go figure!

Awakening your true self--you have given up your Self, friends, interests in order to try to fit into another’s lifestyle. Yes, I have for years. Is this part of normal give and take? Is this cunning, baffling, powerful? Better still, am I able to reclaim me, while still being in balance with what I think I want. My brain wishes to do the all or nothing move. I fear that. Both the letting go and that I tend to all or nothing and then I pay, often when such a choice is not needed. I tend only to see the options I can see and no other possibilities.


Visualization–Block clairvoyance from fear. True and this is part of the first card. What I let this person do ‘to’ me, to do to myself to follow their lack of faith in anything. To cater to demands for more and to forget what I am. I think I want to place blame for this and I do not know what to do about it yet.


Make Music–Sing keep music near for days–haven’t used it in years and not much feels right. I remember this to be a sign of not being grounded for me. I can’t tolerate much of what I used to listen to. Playing fire works for me.


Here ends the first post, in gratitude.

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Let Me Just Say that Abraham Hicks Has Not Been A Name That I Like to Hear…however,

I did a morning reading, after I changed my routine to adapt to taking a new medication, that has actually provided me with a better start. I am working a way to do the readings at a time that I WANT to do them, rather than feeling annoyed that it’s a chore and a rote action, instead of an intended one. The energies of both types of action are different.

The reading suggested to stop it and to let others serve you(me). A timer went off downstairs so I had to go attend to it. Climbing up and down the stairs to move things go too much so I decided to stop have tea and do a breathing treatment to correct the short of breath. I then thought NOT to follow my normal computer time actions and I googled let others serve you.

The response that I got and noticed first was, Let Your Sensitivity to Others Serve You. I clicked it before I paid enough attention to the Abraham Hicks connection!!! The woman’s statement/question snagged me as I have this issue. (I never know if I am ill or out of whack or ungrounded that causes this and I beat me up over it, thus NOT reconnecting to what is balance for me and I suffer.) So, I kept listening…

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! (that was a sigh of ohhhhhh thank you!!!!)

And then I kept listening and I said to myself, You little brat, just before the woman speaking in the video said “You little brat!” It was hilarious!

It was so excellent for me to want to beat me up over being reminded of these things! I was able to stop doing it, I think ha! And just do the reset, which I might want to practice and to experience. I wonder if this is a thing that shifts as I shift, though my insides are grouching at me for signing me up for more evidence–and then I heard them talking about the car at the top of the hill, and I run quickly to the bottom of that hill, over and over, just so I can see it–hmmmmm… if you knew me you’d both laugh uproariously and say yep uh huh and shoot me a parental look. 🙂

And then came the horrid word expectation. GAG!
I think this is the first time dealing and shifting expectations was stated to me in this way and I can play with it and observe it. The words flashed me past equal things in the mirror in my mind that showed me (they must agree with me that standing at the bottom of the hill doesn’t feel good). So I finished watching. And then I wondered if I was done for the day. And I noticed, The Universe Always Provides Signs, Pay Attention

Woot!!! I let other people ruin this experience and of joy for me. I toned down noticing it, in order to think that I was pleasing other people, and I have suffered A LOT! I have felt alone, and abandoned and separated from. And now I can. I wonder if I can have both. The person who is determined to do it alone, who has to shout at me and to grind me into the dirt, that I let take away what I am. (I know those words don’t sound good, but after the last hour, I am letting them stand as is, to see what comes next.

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John Ruskin

“We know that gentians grow on the Alps, and olives on the Apennines; but we do not enough conceive for ourselves that variegated mosaic of the world’s surface which a bird sees in its migration, that difference between the district of the gentian and of the olive which the stork and the swallow see far off, as they lean upon the sirocco wind, Let us, for a moment, try to raise ourselves even above the level of their flight, and imagine the Mediterranean lying beneath us like an irregular lake, and all its ancient promontories sleeping in the sun: here and there an angry spot of thunder, a grey stain of storm, moving upon the burning field; and here and there a fixed wreath of white volcano smoke, surrounded by its circle of ashes; but for the most part a great peacefulness of light, Syria and Greece, Italy and Spain, laid like pieces of a golden pavement into the sea-blue, chased, as we stoop nearer to them, with bossy beaten work of mountain chains, and glowing softly with terraced gardens, and flowers heavy with frankincense, mixed among masses of laurel, and orange, and plumy palm, that abate with their grey-green shadows the burning of the marble rocks, and of the ledges of porphyry sloping under lucent sand. Then let us pass farther towards the north, until we see the orient colours change gradually into a vast belt of rainy green, where the pastures of Switzerland, and poplar valleys of France, and dark forests of the Danube and Carpathians stretch from the mouths of the Loire to those of the Volga, seen through clefts in grey swirls of rain-cloud and flaky veils of the mist of the brooks, spreading low along the pasture lands: and then, farther north still, to see the earth heave into mighty masses of molten rock and heathy moor, bordering with a broad waste of gloomy purple that belt of field and wood, and splintering into irregular and grisly islands amidst the northern seas, beaten by storm, and chilled by ice-drift, and tormented by furious pulses of contending tide, until the roots of the last forests fail from among the hill ravines, and the hunger of the north wind bites their peaks into barrenness; and at last, the wall of ice, durable like iron, sets, deathlike, its white teeth against us out of the polar twilight. And, having once traversed in thought this gradation of the zoned iris of the earth in all its material vastness, let us go down nearer to it, and watch the parallel change in the belt of animal life; the multitudes of swift and brilliant creatures that glance in the air and sea, or tread the sands of the southern zone; striped zebras and spotted leopards, glistening serpents, and birds arrayed in purple and scarlet. Let us contrast their delicacy and brilliancy of colour, and swiftness of motion, with the frost-cramped strength, and shaggy covering, and dusky plumage of the northern tribes; contrast the Arabian horse with the Shetland, the tiger and leopard with the wolf and bear, the antelope with the elk, the bird of paradise with the osprey; and then, submissively acknowledging the great laws by which the earth and all that it bears are ruled throughout their being, let us not condemn, but rejoice in the expression by man of his own rest in the statutes of the lands that gave him birth. Let us watch him with reverence as he sets side by side the burning gems, and smooths with soft sculpture the jasper pillars, that are to reflect a ceaseless sunshine, and rise into a cloudless sky: but not with less reverence let us stand by him, when, with rough strength and hurried stroke, he smites an uncouth animation out of the rocks which he has torn from among the moss of the moorland, and heaves into the darkened air the pile of iron buttress and rugged wall, instinct with work of an imagination as wild and wayward as the northern sea; creatures of ungainly shape and rigid limb, but full of wolfish life; fierce as the winds that beat, and changeful as the clouds that shade them.”

— John Ruskin

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Following a Trail of Spiritual Experience, Led me today to: Pursuing Happiness

Yesterday I was engaged in a sharing about how spirit, spirituality and its connection with religion and permanent states is misunderstood and then becomes a barrier. Today, following the same thought, upon awakening three posts simply appeared in the normal state of my morning reading, that contained the same concept but added the word Happiness–for which I do not think exists and is a created word, to add onto what came yesterday to build on being able to feel what I would term In Union. Community, belonging. I really enjoyed the shorter segment of interview from On Being, posted elsewhere and thus decided to view the entire interview on film, rather than simply listening to a shorter part. I hope it gives you something that your fire requires.

Pursuing Happiness with the Dalai Lama from On Being on Vimeo.

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