29th November

Solar Question of the Day from Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
29th of November:
Which fear keeps you in prison?

That I will sacrifice the rest of my life for John because he can’t be honest or see the need to do the right thing. That I will never know which is which and that I will spend the rest of eternity living loss after loss. That I will never know if the lack of action is due to me not communicating how important this is for me, that he can’t get past himself to acknowledge it, understand it, and act upon it. OR, worse, that he’s really just incapable of caring about what others need. I fear the prices that he will pay for all of it. I fear breaking the rules and making me pay in yet another way and that he still won’t get it. I fear not breaking the rules because he needs me to, in order to be aware. I fear never having joy and freedom again. I fear forgetting what it is like.


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