5th December

Solar Question of the Day from Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
5th of December:
What is the source of your creativity?

So far, I know that it comes ‘down’ onto/into me. It’s like lightning many times and if I do not work quickly enough, especially in writing the words that come to me, it’s just lost.

Grounding and creativity can go hand in hand for me, other times it’s as if too much whirling excitement, too much one element or another, and then I can use creative action to incorporate more of what will create balance in an action, in a thought, within me, or within an external project. I suppose that there are many different areas in which I seek to create. Not all of them do I seek to create a balance within the object itself, though the object might be a gift of sorts that contains a missing element in another. A little fire for the water, some ooomph for too sturdy and cautious earth.

I’ve been feeling more creative since December 2nd, and have let the morning meditations, at least the writing on them slide.


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