This page is a placeholder for all of the individual daily posts in this January Category. I didn’t want to leave a blank page and cause confusion, so I decided to list all of the questions here. You can view my own responses, if you wish, by hovering over Daily Practice, then Solar Questions for Samhain, then January on the main page and then select the date you wish to view. If anyone reading has a more clear and concise way to explain how to do it, I’m open to suggestions 😀

Solar Question of the Day from Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews
1rst of January
What are you attempting to manifest now?
2nd of January
Do you appreciate the other side of the argument?
3rd of January
What do you most hope for?
4th of January
Where do you need to exercise self-control?
5th of January
What is the source of your creativity?
6th of January
Are you neglecting sources of soul-nurture?
7th of January
Which of your plans needs better motivation?
8th of January
What are you homesick for?
9th of January
What skills need to come into play in your life?
10th of January
In which areas do you most need to grow up?
11th of January
Which old desires do you need to relinquish?
12th of January
Where is the wool being pulled over your eyes?
13th of January
What is the source of your inspiration?
14th of January
How are you respecting or abusing friendship?
15th of January
Where are you most vulnerable?
16th of January
What is seeking to reveal itself in your dreams?
17th of January
Are you fulfilling your spiritual vocation?
18th of January
What obstructions need to be cleared from your life?
19th of January
What prejudices are you holding onto?
20th of January
What is the source of your spiritual guidance?
21rst of January
What do you most appreciate about being human?
22nd of January
What do you need to learn in order to be more confident?
23rd of January
What is the source of your deepest refreshment?
24th of January
Which of your family do you most appreciate?
25th of January
To whom do you need to show more sensitivity?
26th of January
What would give your loved ones the most pleasure?
27th of January
What new idea is seeding itself in you this Winter?
28th of January
What threshold of attainment waits for you to cross over?
29th of January:
Which fear keeps you in prison?
30th of January:
What are the landmarks in your spiritual home?
31st of January:
What does the seasonal cycle of renewal offer you?


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