The Doings and Happenings of Yesterday 9/13/14

Uncanny Leaps Forward
“The Chinese symbol of good luck and abundance, Grasshopper gives its totem people the ability to take chances. To move on hunches and take the leap forward. Things might not move for them as they do for other people; progress is not step-by-step, but rather extremely fast. Trust your own instincts on when to make the leaps.

Trust your inner voice. It will lead you to great successes. Don’t be afraid to leap – and remember that Grasshopper only leaps forward – never backward.”

breathing treatment

tea from water boiled in a personality filled and found pan that swishes and creaks merrily on the burner, the boiling brings forth a more earthy undertone of the cinnamon stick and highlights a smooth note in the black tea(or the boiling also affects the tea steeping)

blog reading

considering taking images of giant deep purple dahlias in the front yard of a house across from the garden in the drip drip dropping dark of fall morning rain

listening to the quiet of no one home but me and nodding as I detect the stirrings of anxiety–does it belong to me and always has, or do I simply not know what to do with a silent moment now? Can I drive myself into a frenzy noticing it? no wait!!! The shakes from the breathing treatment mimic fear and anxiety–have more tea one touch taste sip hold and swallow at a time, Kathy’s mandala but on my tongue.

You must take up the world’s whole weight
and make it easier to bear.
Toss it like a knapsack
on your shoulders and set out.
The best time is evening, in spring, when
trees breathe calmly and the night promises
to be fine, elm twigs crackle in the garden.
The whole weight? Blood and ugliness? Can’t be done.
A trace of bitterness will linger on your lips,
and the contagious despair of the old woman
you spotted in the tram.
Why lie? After all rapture
exists only in imagination and leaves quickly.
Improvisation – always just improvisation,
great or small, that’s all we know,
in music, as a jazz trumpet weeps happily
or when you stare at the blank page
or try to outwit
sorrow by opening a favorite book of poems;
just then the phone usually rings,
someone asking, would you like to try
the latest model? No thank you.
I prefer the proven brands.
Grayness and monotony remain; grief
the finest elegy can’t heal.
But perhaps there are things hidden from us,
in which sorrow and enthusiasm mix
non-stop, on a daily basis, like the dawn’s birth
above the seashore, no, wait,
like the laughter of those little altar boys
in white vestments, on the corner of St. John and Mark,
– Adam Zagajewski
translated by Clare Cavanagh

kitty feeding and cuddling session at Gramma’s

portioned meats

ready Kathy’s new blog and thought and wrote, “Oh Shit.” (giggling at self)

watching Sherlock Holmes on PBS, never watched it before, glad they have videos of it so that I do not need a TV

cleaned sink drain with baking soda vinegar and boiling water

library run to Montoursville, where three new magazines were in, movies too!

Ettinger’s visit. Huge glazed pots that normally start at $70 on sale for 75% off!!! I splurged and got one as it was only 4 more than a plain terra cotta one that I went to fetch. They also had brussels sprouts and broccoli plants for half off!! The seeds for those didn’t produce anything and NOW I get more veggies for under three bucks! woot! (sort of splurge)

Fresh Life Shopping–got sage tea to help stomach.

Camera Batteries!!! splurge

Black Crocs on sale!! splurge

visited garden planted and watered in the sprouts and broccoli, harvested another handful of green beans and a few hands-full of basil.

Took a ton of images with camera.

Opened the memory card to view them.

Was moved by one of them and posted it raw to blog.

Gave the Green Beans to Mary, who is low on food but won’t ask.

Made supper.

Visit blogs.

Pu-erh tea.




About Elisa

I love reading, writing, poetry, photography and cooking and and and...!!! "It gives me strength, almost unbelievable strength, to know that you are there. I covet your eyes, your ears, the collapsible space between us. How blessed are we to have each other? I am alive and you are alive and so we must fill the air with our words." - Dave Eggers
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