This Speaks to Me


Resurrection and Watchfulness

The Peacock has many legends surrounding its beautiful plumage. Greek mythology tells of Hera giving the peacock its many “eyes” while Chinese mythos says that the blending of the five colors of its feathers is the sweet harmony of sound. The Peacock is also associated with the Phoenix. In Egypt, the Peacock is linked to the Sun God Ra and in Christianity, the Peacock is the symbol of death and resurrection. Those who have a Peacock as a totem can receive insight into their past lives and their karmic connection to their current life. The study and use of foot reflexology would also be beneficial as the feet are very pronounced in the Peacock. The Peacock loud and raucous call, almost like laughter, reminds us to laugh at life.”

I am still moving things around, deciding or discovering their values, and shopping and creating. The lamp makes me laugh. I LOVE that shade of blue. The bronze too has meaning to me. So too does the mismosh of the style of the objects I choose that feel good to me. I think that I wish not to be practical in this. I will visualize its weaving into my environment and see if it is a fit. I’ll also need the $80 bucks before it goes back to its normal price lol. I don’t recall ever paying this much for a house item that wasn’t a sofa. My favorite wood table was $10 that I got down from $15 from the Re-Store. The table comes from a school, is worn and chipped and has little bits of colorful paint on it from the children. It is nearly as tall as a farm table but a wee bit too short to put dining chairs to it to eat. I’m thinking of an easy solution to lift it up. It would make it more versatile and space conserving. It is also placed in the grounding center of the room where it is located and I associate food energy with that area. I would like more of that weaving energy to be able to be nurtured by the natural centering of that space and to draw at least side-by-side calming energies to eating meals and being able to identify wishes for foods, tastes, and textures with a feeling of hunger. Some of us in my household cannot do this. I hope to make the experience more pleasurable for all who enter the space. I wish a feeling of wanting to stay and to remain in this space to foster further growth. I hope the replacement behavior will rewire/replace neurological connections into more functional ones. Thinking about generalization might be too big of a wish, but it would be an amazing end!!


About Elisa

I love reading, writing, poetry, photography and cooking and and and...!!! "It gives me strength, almost unbelievable strength, to know that you are there. I covet your eyes, your ears, the collapsible space between us. How blessed are we to have each other? I am alive and you are alive and so we must fill the air with our words." - Dave Eggers
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8 Responses to This Speaks to Me

  1. arjun bagga says:

    Really?! My life centers around your smile and I ask for nothing more

    • Elisa says:

      YES!! I am having a happy plotty day! Once K gets over my hours and hours of lamp oogling….I asked her to draw the lamp for me and then I can frame it!!

      Wait!! Did you just swat me with the pan thinking that I was asking for things?! I was laughing at me pining for such a thing. If only I could recall how to rewire crappy OLD lamps, I could still see in the living room lol. Wait, can YOU do lamp switches and cords !?! I would definitely smile at such a feat.

  2. Elisa says:

    OOO lamp miracle!!! The lamp base, that the store couldn’t find after I bought it, so that I could get a mate is going back to the store because the silver (identical to the black one I bought) has a mate AND went on sale for half off today!!!! I get two for the price of one!!! $50 for large lamps and shades, and old lamp bases ready to pass on to someone else who has the skill to rewire them. I filched the shades from them to put onto the new lamp bases. Still in total $50 yay yippie!!!

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