Library Find!! Fantastic Mistakes: Neil Gaiman’s ‘Make Good Art Speech’

I am glad that I chose to pick up this particular book from the pile this morning. I had been wondering why I grabbed it from the shelf, why I had carried(ok I thought lugged just now) it home. I liked and I hated the shade of aqua blue and red and pale deadskin-like yellow on the cover. It also made me smile and I thought of Steal Like An Artist, so I scooped it onto my pile…and then I rather glared at it. I wondered if it were serious, like the essays I have been reading. Inside of the first few pages was actually a GIANT weblink to the book, I mean the speech, live. I wonder which came first book or speech. There were a lot of things within the book that I have spent hours trying to communicate to others, particularly others that feel that life is a drudge and that have somehow chosen work, a work that is a drudge for them, a something to do or to complete before real-life comes. Some of these persons, I suffer to watch their spirit die. I suffer, feeling that I cannot, by my deeds or by my expressions, create a lasting spark toward what is expressed so well in this book and in the speech. It is so interesting to think how words and the perceptions of them can change so quickly from a put-down to an inspiring piece! I do not think that, until there is no physical life remaining within the body, any small banked ember of passion and life ever goes to heatless dust.


About Elisa

I love reading, writing, poetry, photography and cooking and and and...!!! "It gives me strength, almost unbelievable strength, to know that you are there. I covet your eyes, your ears, the collapsible space between us. How blessed are we to have each other? I am alive and you are alive and so we must fill the air with our words." - Dave Eggers
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4 Responses to Library Find!! Fantastic Mistakes: Neil Gaiman’s ‘Make Good Art Speech’

  1. Robin says:

    What a great speech! Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

  2. Bonnie says:

    What a great speech. Lots of things in there for oldies like me, as well as the young.

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