About Elisa

I love reading, writing, poetry, photography and cooking and and and...!!! "It gives me strength, almost unbelievable strength, to know that you are there. I covet your eyes, your ears, the collapsible space between us. How blessed are we to have each other? I am alive and you are alive and so we must fill the air with our words." - Dave Eggers
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4 Responses to Dropped

  1. Kathy says:

    Golden dropped…

    • Elisa's Spot says:

      I just played with this one, and I kept looking at it, until I put it up 🙂

      OOOOOOOO hey I would like a star! I got through every single one of your blogroll blogs today, I mean I finished! And I went back and continued to answer yesterday’s solar question before I did today’s. It’s HARD WORK! Why can’t I just lie, and say something fluffy? 😀 No one would know but me!

      I’m not answering the health thing yet, it’s embarrassing and not a thing that I think anything can be done about. I can be a very stubborn work it out myselfer, until I can see a need to shout for a life preserver. Thanks for asking.

      • Kathy says:

        OK, dear golden leaf, just know that a listening ear is available should one be needed. A listening ear that usually does not judge. How amazing that you read through my blog roll! Did you find any you thought you might visit again?

  2. Elisa's Spot says:

    Yes, though I rather did it in a gritted teeth ocd manner. I can take a long time to decide what practices serve me well and which ones I will make drive me nuts! The follow button, I allowed to overwhelm me. Organizing anything can seem such a huge task that I ruin it. 🙂 I learned a lot of things that I think that I think might really be, not entirely accurate or representative of the entire picture.

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