Change, I think…

“We don’t think in words. The temptation to equate thinking with language is because words are more palpable than thoughts. After all – I’m thinking – if I couldn’t talk to myself how would I know what I was thinking?

Thinking is hard work; few engage in it.

For those who do there are a number of ways of sorting, each with advantages and disadvantages. They can be broadly categorized:

Natural Thinking. This is fluid and undirected, it wanders and meanders, is subject to repetition and generalizations. The sort of thinking that goes on when we don’t think we’re thinking.

Logical Thinking. This selects a route and follows it to its conclusion. With this approach the solution is largely predetermined, so if you head off in the wrong direction you can end up painting yourself into a corner.

Pattern Thinking. This confines thoughts to operate within given rules. Therefore solutions are limited by the possibilities available within the pattern.

Lateral Thinking. This is purposeful in intent without specific aim. Free-wheeling so it can reveal solutions which might have been overlooked in other approaches.

Grasshopper Thinking. Most of the time our thinking jumps around alternating and mixing between reasoning which adheres to measurable responses, and imagining which allows unpredictable currents to play around with data. Producing an electrico/chemical sludge.”
– Edward de Bono
The Use of Lateral Thinking
I am Right You are Wrong

Cavalcade of expression and thought. Clarity. Knowing. Not-knowing. Awareness. Conscience. Admission. Expression. Action upon the knowing, admission, and expression. Change. Purposeful, appropriate change. Cementing of change. Removal of defect of character. Removal rather than replacement with another defect of character. Perspective. Personal best. Righteous, even when NOT better, or even worse. Right and Wrong.

I sat down this morning.I began doing the morning things. Medications, breathing treatment(yes I actually did this), email, the procurement of the tea. I thought to follow the strongest ponder about knowing. I began to work on this morning’s writing attempt. I listened to and read the quote and the music that I chose for the Morning Trip (63). I searched quotes about knowing. I changed sources. I changed sources because of the quotes that involved knowing that one doesn’t know. I can agree that in many instances, perhaps most of them, we don’t know and we think we know. It can be so obvious that the evidence from those outside of us says that we do not know that eyebrows raise in consternation and frustrated inner and outer voices ensue. It’s not the sort of trying to show us that we don’t know by infusing another person’s right knowing in place of our OBVIOUSLY incorrect opinion and thus stupidity–which is turned by another into a not knowing. To me, the previous is simply a blindness for another person’s opinions and ability to exercise free will. I mean the kind of external knowing when another is aware that even a stranger is in horrible trouble, depression, with tears trickling down their face, of which the other seems not aware and certainly insists there is NO such sad or otherwise ‘bad’ emotion.

Ugh! I have just run upon what may be a flaw in my thinking. It is all seeming like an oroboros to me. Difficult to interject something new, to determine that it is, in fact, new. Place it in the proper order, and watching it to see that it does not pop itself out of order, only to appear in a newly amusing and exasperating place.

I’m going to go left again! AN AHA MOMENT HAS OCCURRED, maybe…

Perhaps, the thing that is giving me fits, besides myself, is that I am viewing it as closed circle, oroboros. Even with that, for me, is a beginning, if I trace it far enough. Because that circle is closed, nothing changes place, there is no room to do so. For me, it is not the same even as fluid production. First and Last. Freezing time at infinitesimal points, which fix, the fluid and use a word called a point to express what is present in said fixed moment. Taking and relating that point with the relation to the whole. I wonder and I think that this idea may be another grocery store moment for me! I’m going to stop here and sit with this for a while. My intent is to come back and try to continue writing about it and my reason for choosing the quote that I did, above. That might mean that I don’t quite make it, as I finish what I need and continue on to another ponder.

Wait! More thoughts, an image!

Cecropia Moth Outside My Front Door

This moth’s life is like an oroboro. (I’ll make it not like an oroboro later.)


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I love reading, writing, poetry, photography and cooking and and and...!!! "It gives me strength, almost unbelievable strength, to know that you are there. I covet your eyes, your ears, the collapsible space between us. How blessed are we to have each other? I am alive and you are alive and so we must fill the air with our words." - Dave Eggers
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  1. Elisa's Spot says:

    hmm at the end there my head went left, i know it had a point at the time, but it does not logically follow thru at this time…free associating and floated without sharing the concrete, nor testing the words for validity…

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